The USN is still meeting online nearly any day.  If we have players, we play.  See:

We are playing Artemis version 2.6.0 (latest + patch), available via Steam or at using Ben’s Mod at  We can help you get this set up.

USN games assemble at Discord:
Sometimes we relocate to Teamspeak for better multi-ship communication (



The USN always welcomes new players and we are are happy to help you learn the consoles (Helm, Weapons, Science, Engineering, Communications, Fighter Pilot, Captain) of this awesome starship team game.  We’re family-friendly and accept all flavors of nerdy sci-fi fans.

Currently the Fleet is traversing enemy territory using the name Juliette Outpost for each temporary base camp.  We are running mostly training sims as we have not reached our classified objective.

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