In game terms, one month in real time is approximately equal to one year in game time.

Real date Stardate Description
6000 BC The first record of human civilization on Earth.
1945 Earth’s first recorded instance of nuclear warfare occurs in Hirsoshima, Japan.
1999 “Cosmic Call 1”, a noise-resistant radio message is beamed towards Gliese 777, a yellow subgiant star 52 light years away in the constellation Cygnus.
2034 A major Earth democratic government establishes a permanent moon colony, primarily for harvesting solar energy.
2041 Major growth in the use of fusion power fuels space exploration, particularly automated mining operations.
2048 The first interstellar FTL probe arrives at Alpha Centauri. It surveys the system, and returns just two years later.
2059 First human explorer, Roquelle Hernandez, reaches Alpha Centauri.
2073 Mars now includes numerous permanent manned settlements. Recreational trips to the gas giants are common.
2077 Launch of first colony ship from Earth to Alpha Centauri.
2102 Every political state on Earth is now a democracy.
2122 Articial Intelligence has rapidly integrated into human geopolitical systems, functionally ‘solving’ hunger, war, and disease as breakthroughs in human policy and science occur on a regular basis.
2153 Gravity field technology is developed. It is the first scientific breakthrough made entirely by an Articial Intelligence, and the first of many such discoveries to come.
2161 Earth Federated Democracy is established, uniting the planet in a single government.
2168 Populatation on Alpha Centauri colony reaches one million.
2171 Thermonuclear explosions are detected in the constellation Aries – AI determines that a war near Teegarden’s Star was fought some 12 years earlier.
2176 Phaser beam technology is powerful enough to be outfitted on spacefaring vessels. It is used primarily for asteroid mining.
2184 0001 First contact; a small alien scout ship circles New Lhasa for four days. EFD security forces try to communicate, with no response until the ship departs: “Get out or die.” The star date calendar begins.
2185 0003 An alien starship fleet arrives at New Lhasa, an earth colony some 24 light years away. The colony is destroyed with no explanation.
2186 0005 A hostile alien force overcomes several edge Earth colonies. Earth response is insufficient to repel them, spurring the development of space-based weaponry.
2189 0102 First non-hostile alien race, the Andrium, joins the Earth Federated Democracy under a treaty called the United Spacefaring Planets.
2190 0106 Antimatter torpedoes are developed for use in starships for defense against hostile forces.
2192 0111 Force shield technology, first observed in hostile alien races during the destruction of New Lhasa, is developed.
2197 0303 Subspace telemetry is developed, later (and inaccurately) called subspace radio. Although it requires repeaters, it allows near-instant data transmission through space.
2199 0308 An asteroid is driven into a government station on Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. The xenophobic domestic terrorist organization Earth First! claims responsibility.
2204 0410 The United Spacefaring Planets Treaty reaches 5 separate intelligent species members.
2205 0501 Remote attacks against treaty members and their distant colonies increases; this will continue for several years.
2207 0507 The United Spacefaring Planets Treaty members pool resources to create the United Stellar Navy.
2211 ? Federation member planets establish the Astrographic Research subcommittee to further scientific research.
2230 1105 The USFP is established as a formal government; Earth presence overwhelmingly dominates the group.
2244 1411 Dionysus Outpost is established as an important edgeward provincial territory by the United Stellar Navy.
2247 1509 Dionysus Outpost is recognized as “strategically important” due to rich asteroid fields. USFP / USN activity picks up signficantly.
2248 1510 The USN Constellation is assigned duty to Dionysus Outpost Command.
1511.08 The USN Constellation BS-108 sinks during operations in the Drenni Cluster.
1511.11 The USN Higbee LC-214 is deployed.
1511.15 The Navien War begins.
1511.22 The USN Higbee is lost during Operation LOOKING GLASS.
1512.04 The Navien War ends, as the Navien civilization is decimated by an unknown invading force.
1512.16 Operation APOLLO, the USN Rediviva is lost.
1512.20 Dionysus Patrol, the USN Cadence SC-54 is deployed.
1512.23 Operation OPAL, the USN Rainer Maria LC-281 is deployed.