Dionysus System is a star-only (ie, planet-less) system 253 light years from earth. It borders Skaraan territory, but has remained uncolonized and unsettled until fairly recently.

The discovery of precious metals in the asteroid fields in the system has lead to a commercial mining boom as USN member citizens and their corporations set up operations to extract the resources. Combined with other nearby (± 50 light years) systems, it has become a minor crossroads of sorts for trading. The USN established a permanent outpost there just three years ago, along with two research facilities.

Dionysus has two known anomalies that are of interest. Firstly, the area has inconsistent and unusual temporal readings. Measurement of space-time is typically done based on velocities and mass of objects, and researchers have observed readings in Dionysus system have significantly wider margins of variance than elsewhere. And second, magnetic storms periodically rage through the system, interfering with communications and navigation systems. The source of the storms appears to be the complex interplay between iron-based asteroids and the star they orbit in the system.


Dionysus was first surveyed by a remote probe in 2207; it was visited 12 sols later by the exploration ship Foundation. A system with no habitable planets was not very interesting at the time, and the system was largely forgotten (although claimed by both Skaraan and USFP civilizations).

In 2237, the USFP finished construction of the Dionysus Penitentiary, a prison station designed to reduce the overall cost of incarceration. Inmates were required to mine the nearby asteroid fields during waking hours, although the fields were largely considered barren.

In 2241, harbenite was discovered in the fields. A valuable mineral used in everything from helioscopes to baron/fox communications arrays, harbenite is incredibly useful and notoriously difficult to find. Production soon shifted to a proper mining industry as first AURA Cosmic Shipping and soon other corporations moved in to make a profit. The Penitentiary was shuttered later that year, with inmates relocated. In the confusion, some inmates escaped by commandeering transport vessels; these outlaws form the basis of the ‘raiders’ in the system today.

The first corporation to gain a strong foothold was AURA Cosmic Shipping. AURA acquired several of the first mining claims, and with their significant financial footprint, established a series of stations and trade lanes. The infrastructure they built was somewhat subsidized by the USFP in return for exclusive purchase rights to the Harbenite that was mined. This partnership is largely responsible for the build out of the system.

Other corporations soon moved in, however – New Edison, Tiberius Enterprises, Serendipity, Halcyon Mining Corp, and a slew of independent miners, drawn by the lure of wealth. AURA makes additional revenue in charging tolls for use of its trade lanes, as well as escort fees it charges for subcontracting out their surplus escorts and mercenaries.

While early probes did not detect any anomalies in the area, recent scientific vessels have detected unusual temporal measurements. As such, the Iaakhos Facility was established. This science outpost largely studies the temporal readings in the region, along with other research. The USFP established an outpost in the area, in part to monitor the Skaraan presence, to protect the miners, and to protect the mining that supplies the USFP with much-needed raw materials. Dionysus Outpost is a nearly-fully stationed outpost, with several ships and regular mission patrolling the area.

Today, Dionysus system has a solid mining industry built on a wide array of substances: harbenite, nickel, irridium, tungsten, ammonia, helium, and rhodium. Roughly a quarter of the mining operations come from claims that are owned by independent miners; the rest are split between the corporations. The USN is an active presence in the area, along with Skaraans and raiders. While not safe by galactic civilization standards, the system is mature enough that civilians do occasionally visit; mining tourism is considered a fast growing but relatively immature industry.

System Geography

AURA Cosmic Shipping

AURA are the largest commercial presence in the system, and have impressive commercial traction in a multitude of systems across the galaxy. They generalize in a dizzying array of industries, of which asteroid mining is but a minor player. AURA was the first commercial setup in Dionysus, and have granted themselves authority to clear the trade lanes, maintain most of the system relays for commercial communications, and have a small fleet of defensive ships to fend off raider and Skaraan attacks.

Calypso Shipyards

Calypso is a commercial shipyard station, that cooperates very closely for larger USN / USFP ship repairs. Calypso refuses to service Skaraan or raider vessels.

Delgado Mining Station

Delgado is a collective of independent miners – it is only because of the massive wealth creation of mining that the station remains afloat, considering the mismanagement, theft, and outlaw nature of the collective. One reason it remains floating is the right of first claim. The only authority for processing mining claims goes through Delgado Mining Station.

Dirge INC

Dirge is a privately owned scrant station – so-called because of a willingness to overlook legality in the case of financial gain. The station manager is Manak Gorse, a human of few scruples and incredibly high intelligence.

Halcyon Mining Concern

An independent mining company, much smaller than AURA but with a significant work ethic. The company has an outstanding reputation for quality that has helped increase exports, and it is a growing force in the system.

Hexarian Fields

The naturally mineral-rich asteroid belts that make up most of the Dionysus system, the Hexarian Fields are home to countless independent and commercially organized asteroid miners, Skaraan spiritualists, and – according to rumors – more than one raider starbase. The exact whereabouts of such bases are a matter of speculation.

Iaakhos Facility

A hybrid public/private research facility, Iaakhos benefits from public funding sources and military protection, while engaging in higher-risk research with commercial applications. This area of the system is known for its sometimes explosive experimentation, and trade ships avoid the area.

November Repair Station

November is a fully USN-backed shipyard, servicing USN ships only. It is much smaller than the Calypso station, and specialized entirely for USN ships.

Pan Security Outpost

A private security outpost originally owned by Delgado, it was spun into a separate corporation a few years ago. The revenue stream comes largely from supplying long-range premium shipping escorts to AURA Cosmic Shipping and their partners.

Satyr Security Outpost

Originally an arm of AURA Cosmic Shipping, the company found the security outpost unprofitable and largely shuttered it. It was lost on 1601.31 during the Boot Raider Refugee conflict.

Tiberius Enterprises

A private corporation with general interests in mining, but also supplying many of the generic goods to the system through long-range sleeper transports. Most food and refined goods come from Tiberius. The station is rumored to have connections to the nefarious Pashpirt Syndicate.

Tjernlund Corp.

A private corporation specializing in mining.


Notable Groups

AURA Cosmic Shipping

AURA Cosmic Shipping is the most active zaibatsu and the dominant economic force in the Dionysus System. Their corporate parent is New Edison, an entity that has both deep pockets and a driving ambition. In Dionysus, AURA is a reliable, private sector infrastructure creator. As such, the USFP frequently contracts with AURA to build stations, relays, waypoints, clear trade lanes, and fulfill many exclusive supplies contracts. New Edison’s cooperation with the USFP is so deep, another child company – Serendipity – provides most of the weapons, ordinance, and armor systems for USN ships and stations.

AURA’s current system manager is Franz Halcartt, who has a reputation for taking enjoyment out of running small companies out of business, with a sense of ruthlessness to skirt around the law as he chooses. He maintains a personal and well-armed force, complete with battleships. This is mainly to protect the shipping business interests, but is also available periodically for hire by other companies. Halcartt has, at times, ordered his force to step in for noble causes, most notable when he ordered the protection of Delgado Mining Station in 1507.20.

The Bahtaak

The Bahtaak (lit. “heartless bastards” in the Skaraan Tul language) are a large, well connected and well organized crime syndicate. Although they are located in nearly every system, civilization, and race, they are predominantly a human-centric organization. The Bahtaak have a dizzying array of activities and lines of business. Their focus in a specific system, planet, or city depends largely upon the specialization of the local leader, called a Protnik. The Protnik of one system may participate in trade lane jacking cargo ships and reselling goods on the black market; another Protnik may differentiate with bounty hunting and assassination.

Independent Miners

This information is currently unavailable.


The raiders are a loose-knit collective of outlaws, who use robbery, extortion, and scavenging to maintain their existence in various ‘camps’ throughout the asteroid belts in the Dionysus system. The population of raiders was initially escaped prisoners from Dionysus Penitentiary, during the years when it was being decommissioned. Today, raiders are a diverse group comprised of ex-miners, down on their luck mercenaries, brigands, migrant workers, freedom fighters, lane hackers, and others.

There are two main raider groups active in Dionysus today. The Boot Raiders are well-funded, militaristic group located in the dense Hexarian field asteroids. They have been linked to the shadowy Bahtaak said to be operating in Dionsysus.

The Seasons Clan are more mining oriented, but also tend towards violence when confronted. They travel in large groups, and have intermittently worked with and against the more aggressive Boot Raiders.

The Quasi Camp raiders were lead by Summermute (see below), and were among the most active cargo ship robbers in the sector. They specifically preyed on merchants and miners, doing little mining themselves, then fencing the stolen goods on the black market. Primarily using Dirge Inc as the marketplace for sales, Quasi Camp raiders were familiar with legitimate society enough to blend in and pass. With the destruction of their camp station in 1601 and a plague, their numbers have reduced to around 100. Now refugees, they are camped in a transport ship outside the November Station in the tradehub, under USFP protection – for the time being.


The Skaraan are less a united civilization and more a series for organizations based around resource management. Because of this cultural and racial attitude, they are often characterized as having a corporate structure. This overlooks the Skaraan’s tendency to be deeply spiritual, however, with rituals and behavior that seem inconsistent with the wealth accumulation for which Skaraans are known. Skaraans in Dionysus regard the area as a holy place, and regularly make pilgrimages to its unique magnetic fields.

United Spacefaring Planets / United Stellar Navy

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Further demographic information is not yet released.

Popular Culture

The Dionysus Echo is the largest organized newsource in the system, which maintains a small 15-person, part-time staff dedicated to creating digital text, trideo, audio, and screamsheet news updates around the clock. Regina Clo is the editor and creator of the Echo, having created the organization 1.5 years ago. She was previously the head journalist and major star trideo personality for The Unlimited Repetition, a news and entertainment outlet in Gliese 4b. The Echo primarily reports on news from a USN perspective, and has been accused as a propaganda outlet for the USFP. The Echo frequently receives criticism for solidly earth-centric views, but the news organization has not altered their coverage. Nor has a credible alternative news organization appeared.

Notable Persons

Dr Mark Fourie, independent research scientist for the USN. He is stationed on Dionysus Research institute, but also maintains a laboratory on Iaakhos Facility and assists with Dr Nguyen’s research there from time to time. While held hostage by Quasi camp raiders, Fourie built a clustered computational AI to synthesize a vaccine for the raiders, who were suffering from a plague. During this time, he developed a sense of sympathy for their plight, and now actively works to secure citizenship for raider women and children.

Admiral Jane Eberie, previous acting superintendent of Dionysus Station. She is currently station superintendent on Isiah Station. She is a capable and fair leader, with a long history of active duty as an officer. Although she tends toward military and combat solutions to problems, she is a widely respected and admired officer.

Manak Gorse, Station Manager at Dirge, INC. Gorse is highly intelligent and thoroughly corrupt. He operates Dirge ruthlessly, using greed, ambition, and fear to maintain control. He fulfills an important role in the trade hub, namely by supplying illicit goods to many entities. Dirge has established itself as a gray market, an interface between the criminal and raider underworld, and the legal overworld in Dionysus system.

Dr Stephanie Nguyen, temportal physicist researcher for the USN. She chose Iaakhos Facility 2 Sols ago, and began her new project codenamed Fastercat. Ambitious and brilliant, Nguyen’s research focuses on temporal anomalies. She previously worked on a research project regarding intentional plasma beam fluxation and the effect on energy at faster-than-light speeds. Her project was cancelled after 7 years as part of a budget cutting process.

Commissioner Tasheena Wardell, superintendent of Dionysus Station. Capricious and cold, Wardell is a shrewd politician. The daughter of a senator and a journalist, she was raised in the government. A conservative expansionist, Wardell rarely hesitates to advocate for colonists and military action. She has been tied to the somewhat controversial Modern Manifest Destiny movement, which aims to claim all habitable worlds for the USN.

USFP Senator Chilkart Fhiss is a coreworlds galactic senator. He is an advocate for the military and colonial expansionism, and frequently signs petitions and pushes for bills that would engage the USFP in more wartime actions. He is also a tireless advocate for veterans rights, allocating funds for retaining veteran benefits, education, and settlement programs. He is the patron responsible for Dr Nguyen’s research on Iakkhos Facility.

Raider and IBSFP-most-wanted outlaw Jon Hugh (better known as Summermute) is associated with at least three camps of raiders in the system. An ex-prison convict, Hugh is an ex-marine and natural born leader. He maintains a strict routine of physical exercise, fasting, and meditation. Hugh considers all raiders to be brothers and sisters, united by a common need to survive. He will go to great lengths and risks to protect them and improve their conditions, and considers his death an inevitable byproduct of the world. As such he behaves in fearless and irrational ways, and is considered a high-risk outlaw.

Black Lemon Bigsby was one of Summermute’s trusted lieutenants, and a fierce captain and fighter pilot. His addiction to the performance-enhancing drug concrete – widely available when he was in the prison, but unavailable now – has left him scarred and largely unable to feel pain. As a result, Bigsby tends toward suicidal tactics and is an unpredictable and incredibly dangerous opponent. Bigsby was killed in 1601.17 when USN forces destroyed the Quasi Camp station in NGC 1140.