Carina System is a on the outer border of the USFP territory that borders Kralien Space. Carina System is also the gateway to TAK Borders and the Normae System. Carina also borders Ximni  Space, which the USFP has strained relationship with.

Carina acts as a major trading crossroads for many industries and has mining operations. The discovery of precious metals in the asteroid fields in the system has lead to a commercial mining boom as USN member citizens and their corporations set up operations to extract the resources.

The Normae System is on the outer reaches of the Sagittarius Arm, which borders the Skaraan’s most furthest border. Little is known about the system, and the USN has been scouting this part of space.

System Geography

AURA Cosmic Shipping

AURA are the largest commercial presence in the system, and have impressive commercial traction in a multitude of systems across the galaxy. They generalize in a dizzying array of industries, of which asteroid mining is but a minor player. AURA was the first commercial setup in Dionysus, and have granted themselves authority to clear the trade lanes, maintain most of the system relays for commercial communications, and have a small fleet of defensive ships to fend off raider and Skaraan attacks.

Calypso Shipyards

Calypso is a commercial shipyard station, that cooperates very closely for larger USN / USFP ship repairs. Calypso refuses to service Skaraan or raider vessels.

Delgado Mining Station

Delgado is a collective of independent miners – it is only because of the massive wealth creation of mining that the station remains afloat, considering the mismanagement, theft, and outlaw nature of the collective. One reason it remains floating is the right of first claim. The only authority for processing mining claims goes through Delgado Mining Station.

Dirge INC

Dirge is a privately owned scrant station – so-called because of a willingness to overlook legality in the case of financial gain. The station manager is Manak Gorse, a human of few scruples and incredibly high intelligence.

Halcyon Mining Concern

An independent mining company, much smaller than AURA but with a significant work ethic. The company has an outstanding reputation for quality that has helped increase exports, and it is a growing force in the system.

Eridian Research Station

Eridian Research Station is a USFP research facility, it is a the primary facility for the Zero Point Energy Generator. Dr. Petra Gates is the lead researcher on for the project. Eridian Research Station sits on the USFP-Ximni Border. This location was selected specifically because it has low traffic and is surrounded by nebula.

Pan Security Outpost

A private security outpost originally owned by Delgado, it was spun into a separate corporation a few years ago. The revenue stream comes largely from supplying long-range premium shipping escorts to AURA Cosmic Shipping and their partners.

Satyr Security Outpost

Originally an arm of AURA Cosmic Shipping, the company found the security outpost unprofitable and largely shuttered it. Satyr Security Force has been hired by many of the mining and independent research copies to patrol the Carina and Normae Systems, as well as transportation lanes in the TAK and Kralien Borders.

Tiberius Enterprises

A private corporation with general interests in mining, but also supplying many of the generic goods to the system through long-range sleeper transports. Most food and refined goods come from Tiberius. The station is rumored to have connections to the nefarious Kitranta Syndicate. It is not uncommon for Pirate or Mercenary vessels to fly under the Tiberius Enterprises designation.

Tjernlund Corp.

A private corporation specializing in mining.

Geopolitical Conditions


With a growing economic crisis and increasing unrest across its many systems, the USFP has opted against direct intervention in the Torgoth civil war. In addition, an isolationist political faction has gained majority in the House of Theocrats, and implemented financial and governmental restrictions on non-citizen activities, and imposed strict controls over trade and manufacturing. As a result, piracy and raiding is increasing rapidly, and the black market is thriving. USFP Scientists are secretly developing a zero point energy source to power their planets and ships.  The new political platform is eroding the Ximni/Terran Alliance.

Unknown to USFP government there is a rogue agency within the Office of Naval Intelligence – Galactic Clandestine Service, GCS, that operates covertly to continue to advance the dominance and stance of the USFP. 


Recently the Arvonians have gone quiet and cut off all ties with the TAK because of their increasing levels of violence.


While at the other end of the galaxy rumors have surfaced that Kralien’s are working to develop a matter/anti-matter weapon, Illudium-PU 36, in direct violation of the Dionysus Accords. With the lack of system and sector patrols there has been an increase in Kralien ships raiding transports which has rattled and created instability in the trading sector. 

Kitranta Syndicate

Little is known at this time of the Kitranta Syndicate but are believed to have ties to the Pashpirt Syndicate.


Due to the recent break up of the TAK Alliance, the Torgoth have fallen into civil war. The Stryke Party fights to maintain their democratic republic, while the Enhet fight to soften relationships with the USFP and install a High Chancellor. This has stemmed from both parties are trying to overthrow the democratically elected chancellor as many believe them to be unfit to rule.  Because of the war there is a large humanitarian need but no race has stepped up to fill the void.


With the lack of system patrols and non-interventionist USFP,  the Skaraans are exploiting the Torgoth civil conflict. The Skaraans continue to work for those that pay the top dollar and don’t have allegiance to race. 

Notable Persons

Dr Mark Fourie, independent research scientist for the USN. He is stationed on Dionysus Research institute, but also maintains a laboratory on Iaakhos Facility and assists with Dr Nguyen’s research there from time to time. While held hostage by Quasi camp raiders, Fourie built a clustered computational AI to synthesize a vaccine for the raiders, who were suffering from a plague. During this time, he developed a sense of sympathy for their plight, and now actively works to secure citizenship for raider women and children.

Admiral Jane Eberie, previous acting superintendent of Dionysus Station. She is currently station superintendent on Isiah Station. She is a capable and fair leader, with a long history of active duty as an officer. Although she tends toward military and combat solutions to problems, she is a widely respected and admired officer.

Manak Gorse, Station Manager at Dirge, INC. Gorse is highly intelligent and thoroughly corrupt. He operates Dirge ruthlessly, using greed, ambition, and fear to maintain control. He fulfills an important role in the trade hub, namely by supplying illicit goods to many entities. Dirge has established itself as a gray market, an interface between the criminal and raider underworld, and the legal overworld in Dionysus system.

Dr Stephanie Nguyen, temportal physicist researcher for the USN. She chose Iaakhos Facility 2 Sols ago, and began her new project codenamed Fastercat. Ambitious and brilliant, Nguyen’s research focuses on temporal anomalies. She previously worked on a research project regarding intentional plasma beam fluxation and the effect on energy at faster-than-light speeds. Her project was cancelled after 7 years as part of a budget cutting process.

Commissioner Tasheena Wardell, superintendent of Dionysus Station. Capricious and cold, Wardell is a shrewd politician. The daughter of a senator and a journalist, she was raised in the government. A conservative expansionist, Wardell rarely hesitates to advocate for colonists and military action. She has been tied to the somewhat controversial Modern Manifest Destiny movement, which aims to claim all habitable worlds for the USN.

USFP Senator Chilkart Fhiss is a coreworlds galactic senator. He is an advocate for the military and colonial expansionism, and frequently signs petitions and pushes for bills that would engage the USFP in more wartime actions. He is also a tireless advocate for veterans rights, allocating funds for retaining veteran benefits, education, and settlement programs. He is the patron responsible for Dr Nguyen’s research on Iakkhos Facility.

Raider and IBSFP-most-wanted outlaw Jon Hugh (better known as Summermute) is associated with at least three camps of raiders in the system. An ex-prison convict, Hugh is an ex-marine and natural born leader. He maintains a strict routine of physical exercise, fasting, and meditation. Hugh considers all raiders to be brothers and sisters, united by a common need to survive. He will go to great lengths and risks to protect them and improve their conditions, and considers his death an inevitable byproduct of the world. As such he behaves in fearless and irrational ways, and is considered a high-risk outlaw.